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January 17, 2011
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This is a list of what I consider to be the worst RPG themes ever.  I'm not talking about video game RPGs.  I'm talking about forum RPGs.  I have seen tons of people advertising the little RPG boards they have created.  Some have been interesting and others have fallen flat on their asses.  So here's the list, along with a reason explaining why these ideas are stupid.  

#8. Superhero RPGs- They suck, plain and simple.  No, I'm not referring to the MMOs.  I'm refering to the text based ones.  Everyone wants to be the hero but nobody wants to be the villain.  Frankly I think the villains could be a lot more interesting and fun to play than the heros.  Another thing I notice is the blatant ripoffs of Marvel superheros, particularly Iron Man and the Fantastic Four, though I've seen DC ripoffs too.  On the subject of RPs where you play as bad guys, I think a Grand Theft Auto RPG would be more interesting.  This is also why the movie Megamind was awesome.

#7. LOST RPGs- I absolutely hated the show.  I really can't fathom why it was so popular.  Likewise, I hate the RPGs based on the show.  My hatred for the RPGs is mostly directed at the people who join rather than the subject itself.  Most of the players are complete Mary Sues.  Nobody enjoys playing with Mary Sues.  I don't find RPGs about being stuck on an island to be fun anyway.  Next!

#6. Post-apocalyptic dog RPGs.  These things are everywhere and they all have the same exact plot.  In the year XXXX, a random disaster happened and all the evil, greedy, polluting humans died out.  Now, dogs have somehow inexplicably become the dominant species on earth.  I've got news for you!  If something happened that was bad enough to wipe out all humans, it would wipe out everything else too!  There wouldn't be any dogs left.  There wouldn't be anything left!  And even if it did only wipe out humans, dogs would not be their successors.  (Personally I think it would be the llamas or the cows.  I just know those fucking llamas and cows are planning a mass uprising!)  What a dumb, DUMB idea.  The plot is just so stupid.  I guess they're trying to explore the idea of what would happen to our pets if we suddenly disappeared.  You know, there was an interesting series on the History Channel called Life After People that pretty much answered that question.  Your pets are screwed!  Big dogs would probably be alright but little dogs would be doomed to extinction.            

#5.  School RPGs-  Just... school RPGS.  Why do they suck?  Well, who wants to RP someone at school?  Don't we have t put with enough school during the day?  I've seen all kinds of school RPGs (boarding school, boarding schools that include horses, high school rpgs, the list goes on).   They're boring and nobody wants to do an RP about school after spending all day getting chewed out by Mrs. Jenkins.  That is why they usually fall flat on their asses.

#4. Animal RPGs that only let you play as one or two species- Let's face it.  Sci-Fi and fantasy RPGs succeed because there are so many different races and species to choose from.  Animal RPGs typically suffer from one main problem and that is that the creators usually only let you play as one or two types of animals.  There is no diversity.  I've seen RPS claiming to be about North American wildlife yet all you can pick from is horses and wolves (both of which you'll see later on this list).  If you want to keep it interesting, let us pick from more animals.  There's more animals in north America besides just freaking horses and wolves!  In fact, horses aren't even native to North America!  Ever heard of moose, elk, pronghorn antelope, bison, cougars, and bears?  Hell, I can count on one hand how many RPGs I've come across where you can RP bison.  I think bison are terribly underrated and neglected by the RPG community.

#3.  Warrior Cat RPGs-  Tons of lame RPGs based on an overrated book series based on an overrated animal.  That's all I'm gonna say about it.  

#2.  Horse RPGs are usually dumber than most of the wolf RPGs I've seen.  It doesn't matter what kind of horse RPG it is, they're all boring.  Race horses, wild horses, magical unicorns...  They just suck.  Horses aren't that interesting!  They're all advertised with crap like "Equine RPG with a unique plot." even though it has pretty much the same overused plot as the other 20 billion horse rpgs out there.  "Friendly staff..."  yeah, that's what they all say, but if you reqpest permission to RP as something other than a horse they get all butthurt.  A lot of them also have this thing where if you have a mare then a stallion can basically hijack your character and force them to mate.  What the hell?  No!  Fuck you!  I refuse to join any RPG where people can hijack my character.  Another problem a lot of them have is that they only let stallions claim territory.  So let me get this straight.  Stallion characters can rape mare characters and they're the only ones who can claim territory?  Well that doesn't give anyone a whole lot on incentive to be a mare does it?  Everyone on the website is gonna want to be a stallion now.  Oh yeah, these people also seem to forget that it is a mare that leads the herd, not the stallion.  And in the immortal words of Yoda: "That is why you fail!"  Seriously, do some real research and stop using Spirit as your information source on horses!

#1.  Wolf RPGS.  Oh boy!  Here's an RPG theme that is just as overrated and overused as the animal itself.  Maybe it is just because I don't find wolves that interesting.  I guess I've already explained why this kind of RPG sucks in #4.  By the way, wolf RPG sites are usually run by wolfaboos so avoid them at all costs.  I've seen a lot the ones run by wolfaboos follow the same path as #6 on the list.  And all they do is bitch about how "Humans are the devil!  BAAAWWW!  We're so much better off now without the humans!  BAAAWWW!"  Wolves are not gods of nature and they don't make a good subject for RPGs either.  I don't really have much more to say on the matter.  I just think wolf RPGs are the most overrated kind ever.

So I'll sum it up real quick here.

#8. Superhero RPGs= Everybody wants to be the hero, nobody wants to be the bad guy, everyone rips off Marvel superheros, and so on and so forth.

#7. Lost RPGs = I hated the show so I don't t like the RPGs based on it either.  All the characters in the RPGs are Mary Sues.

#6. Post-apocalyptig dog RPGs = Stupid, illogical plots.

#5. school RPGs = Boring plots and tons of Mary Sues.

#4. The vast majority of animal RPGs = No diversity

#3. Warrior Cat RPGs = Boring, overrated and unoriginal.

#2. Horse RPGs = Boring, overrated, unoriginal and a lot of them include rape and sexist themes.

#1. Wolf RPGS = Ugh, enough with the wolves already!

Wow!  I guess I just really hate most animal RPGs.
My newest list. This is all only my opinion and you're all perfectly welcome to agree or disagree as long as you keep it civil. Flames from butthurt idiots will be mocked and ridiculed.
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Nokitix Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I get your point that these are, stereo typically, the RPGs that take up the most of the "aboo" crowd for whatever fandom it may be. There ARE some though that do run, well at that, and offer up good stories. All in all, its all about the Founder, Moderators, and the players involved. If the owner sets up a bad world plot and doesn't have mods to help them spin stories for the writers to react to: you're left with a garbage bin of a story.
lypstyck Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I used to be in a Hetalia RPG group and people basically hijacked your character and raped them in it.... if the character you were RPing was a male, at least.... I never got mine hijacked because I was roleplaying as a female character, but still, I really don't think all of the roleplayers who were roleplaying as a male character were happy when they got raped by someone else in the RP... most of the time, several roleplayers left as soon as a certain few roleplayers came on because they knew the character they were roleplaying as was no doubt probably going to get raped or something... Good thing I left it a long, LONG time ago. :) By the way, I agree with your opinions.
in considrance 2 numbr 1,

i no what you meen! evan tho i play rpgs as a woolf, its anoying because peple idolize them as being saints or somthing!! wolfs are wolfs. :)
Personally, I think six has POTENTIAL to be good...if...maybe...yeah, I got nothing.
Well it's not really an RPG as such but I came up with this idea: [link]
the basic premise is that in the far future, mars has been terraformed to be like earth and in order to solve the over population problem, anyone who wants to, or cannot contribute to society( prisoners, homeless, elderly etc) get's their soul sucked out and placed into an animal of their choosing, each time they die they inhabit a different species for all of eternity, it's my only truly original idea ( despite inspiration from ice age, Madagascar, avatar and the hunger games). popular species like wolves have limited places however, tuna and other large vertebrates that reproduce prolifically have either AI or people either optionally, or forcefully (eg attacking humans, committing suicide due to having the wrong species) would also end up like that.
the series is more of a choose you adventure series that anyone that can videos like mine ( using the video game Zoo tycoon 2 with a lot of mods) can create, two people have approached seriously so far, one who is creating a lot of stories, and the other who is doing the arctic wolf, an animal that she herself created as a mod( not a bad effort either.)
not all of the links between videos are done yet.
my creature stories are in the following links if you are interested.
American bison( just for you!): [link]
Scimitar horned oryx: [link]
Snow leopard ( only popular animal yet): [link]
Southern cassowary and american alligator( they start together): [link]
Cape fur seal: [link]
And last but not least, the Dusky dolphin: [link]

I hope you like the idea and is it better than most of the RPGs you have seen? commenting back is preferable.
bearaiin Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't get you. I don't get this list. I don't even get your username! (but that's just my personal hatred towards random usernames) I agree that many text-based board-RPGs SUCK! HARD. But that is NO reason to hate ALL RPGs of the same kind! I'm part of a really intelligent text-based RPG, and you know what? Half the people there want a villain. I see no reason why anyone would hate to be the villain. Villains rock. And if someone really couldn't have the hero anymore, you could always make the villain think they are the hero. You can go on playing the hero without actually being the hero, yet still having the satisfaction of playing the "good guy", because that's what your character thinks. Also, how do you know if ALL the animal RPGs have only one or two options. Although I agree with your thoughts about the LOST, Warrior Cat and Post-Apocalyptic Canines-Inhabit-The-Earth RPGs, and that you did point out some great flaws, I still see no reason to flame the ideas. The ideas might be really good if you spice them up a bit. Don't accuse the IDEA, accuse the poor use of the idea! Make something like "The fatal flaws of RPGs" or "Horrible use of nice ideas", but leave "worst ideas" out of there unless the IDEA is what you hate, not what people do with those ideas.
And with that, my rant ends and I hope you will read this comment 'til the end and see my point, because some people might be offended by your deviation. =)
HoboPanda Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I totaly agree! Some Warrior Cats RPGs are kinda boring while some have at least a few good ones. (And I don't understand the username either!)
chychy121 Feb 28, 2012
i c ur point...

ik that there r to many wolf rpgs but for some reason all the ones i've joined r great except its annoying cause random people come on to them and start spamming... there is another rpg called lucani i love it ur a werewolf on there and its more for mature themes but all well i'm on it...
LittleNudibranc Feb 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Alright. You've inspired me. One of my bds had an rp site,and I'm gonna make a diverse-species rp.
Hopefully,someone will join...
LittleNudibranc Feb 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Now Im one step closer to creating GOOD rps
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